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Thursday, 7 July – Going Home

Most of our tour group was scheduled for an early morning departure for San Diego. That meant getting up at 4 am, which did not appeal to us, so we arranged for an afternoon flight the same day. That allowed … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 6 July – Sled dogs and gold

This morning we took a short bus ride with a driver named Jordan who came from Salt Lake City, which I thought was a good connection. We were driven to the Explorer II, a paddlewheel riverboat holding 800 passengers. The … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5 July – Sled dogs

Today, a substantial number of people slept in including us, while the more hardy travelers got up early for a nature walk that was an included activity of the cruise. Too early for us! They saw two baby orphan moose, … Continue reading

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Monday, 4 July – Denali

This was the day for our second land-based concert, The Fourth of July. On a local bus tour we learned that hikers often wear bells on their shoes to minimize the chance of a confrontation  okaywith a bear. Also, that … Continue reading

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Sunday, 3 July – Talkeetna

This morning we were instructed not to put our bags out at night, but to put them out at 6:00 am, and then meet at 8:00 for a short bus ride to the train to Talkeetna. It was a double-decker, … Continue reading

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Saturday, 2 July – Whittier and Anchorage

After meeting in the Bordeaux Room, we disembarked the Coral Princess, and found that Blue 8 meant that we were all destined for the same bus. Danielle, from Texas, was our driver/guide, and a hoot. We had to wait until … Continue reading

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Friday, 1 July – Getting Ready to Disembark

This morning we had our Disembarkation Meeting in the “Hearts and Minds” Wedding Chapel. We learned that we were a member of the Blue 8, whatever that meant. Our main instructions were to leave our bags outside our door by … Continue reading

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