Sunday, 3 July – Talkeetna


The stairway is tighter than it looks here

This morning we were instructed not to put our bags out at night, but to put them out at 6:00 am, and then meet at 8:00 for a short bus ride to the train to Talkeetna. It was a double-decker, with tight spiral staircase up to the second deck. The view was good, but the main attraction was breakfast in the dining car.

Before we went down to the dining car, we did learn a few things from our host whose name was Daisy, I think.We passed by Mendenhall Air Force Base. This area was quite flat, and composed of glacial silt, ground fine by glacial action. We saw some caribou along the way, and learned that reindeer are simply domesticated


Our Conductor

caribou and tend to be a bit smaller. Another difference is that reindeer can fly. She said the ratio of men to women is 10:1, which is great for women, but the problem is that the men are not table trained.

In the diner we sat with Patty and Kevin, who have been in Alaska since February.


Pat and Kevin

He said he was an operator for the Alyeska Pipeline. He was familiar with my company, Solar Gas Turbines, that supplies equipment to pipelines. Patty had been a dental assistant, but was going into nursing up here.

Mt. McKinley was renamed Denali to recognize its cultural significance to the Alaskan tribes, and besides, President McKinley never even visited Alaska.


Sten getting a chocolate chip cookie welcome!

At the end of the train ride, some people walked to the hotel, while we took a really short bus ride to the 460-room Princess Denali Hotel. At the entrance we were greeted with chocolate chip cookies! As usual, our rooms were spacious and comfortable. It was built like a motel, and it was a pleasure in the morning to open the door to greenery for a change. In the afternoon, I worked for a while on this blog while Teresa napped, and then we took a walk around the perimeter of the property in the light rain.


Exploring the hotel grounds

We had an excellent dinner in the Mountain View Restaurant that evening.








We met Elmer exploring, too.


It was cloudy all the time we were near Denali, but we got a great view by photo from last year.












Good viewing from the observation deck on the train to Talkeetna

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One Response to Sunday, 3 July – Talkeetna

  1. Hi Teresa & John,
    Thank you for including me about your Alaska trip. I really enjoy your ramblings, John!
    Was this a kpbs trip?
    Glad to see you two looking so fit and happy. My sister and I sent our parents (with a video cam) on an inland passage cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary – they loved Alaska!
    Best regards,
    Margot Wallace

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