Thursday, 30 June – Glacier Bay


Marjorie Glacier

This morning we glided into Glacier Bay moving  almost imperceptibly slowly among chunks of ice drifting in the water. The biggest glacier we saw was Marjorie Glacier. Early on, we heard a fairly loud “ka-phumph”, and sure enough, it had calved, and we saw the tail end of the splash. I talked to the Ranger who was explaining things, and learned that to be called a glacier, a lump of ice had to be about bus-sized. Small pieces floating all around us were called “growlers”, because

Growlars and Bergie Bits

Growlers and Bergie Bits

of sound they made as they bumped along the ship’s hull. Pieces of ice smaller learning glacier and larger than a growler  are called “Bergie bits”, and I have no idea why.Teresa said she had read that 99% of the world’s glaciers are melting due to global warming, and we saw evidence of that.


A Molten Glacier on an Alaska morning

It was a little cool on deck and so I had a Molten Glacier, which consisted of coffee with Irish Cream Liqueur, and Crème de Cacao, a perfect warming drink. Delicious.

The other glacier we saw Grand Pacific which is quite brown with dirt and rocks, and instead of creating icebergs, it is simply melting into the ocean.


Getting ready for our first performance on board

It was then time to get ready for our performance. The stage manager and his crew were so professional he made me feel like a professional, sort of. We got the “Induction” which consisted of instructions and advice, which included no smoking, no food or drinks on stage, watch your step, don’t kick the risers, and more. After we signed a release we were allowed on stage. After our warm-up and run through, The stage manager called “Curtain coming in” and instead of coming in it came down. Trade lingo. Our performance was pretty good, everybody agreed I think. The only problem was that we had never run the slideshow on the computer battery, and according to its setting the display turned black after 30 minutes. Very disappointing to say the least, but

"Mr. Soul" and Teresa

“Mr. Soul” and Teresa

easily corrected for the rest of our shows.

Donny Ray Evans

Donny Ray Evans



That evening we went to see Donny  Ray Evans, “Mr. Soul”, who had impressed everybody a couple nights ago with his tribute yto Nat King Cole. Teresa and I didn’t see that performance but his performance tonight starting with a Wilson Pickett song, followed by a series of great songs by other soul singers. The performance was only 45 minutes long and I sure could have listened to him some more. Teresa and said he gave his all for 45 minutes such energy that he broke a string, which he asked me to pull all the way out of the piano and deliver to him.

I had asked to speak to someone in Engineering because I had some questions about the ship. I picked up a message down in the first floor of the Atrium. The message says the Engineer would not be able to meet with me but if I would write down my questions they would come up with answers. Not what I had in mind.


Bsllons overhead in the Atrium

As I started to leave, I noticed there were lots of people standing around on the steps of the Atrium. I asked someone why, and they said, “We’re waiting for the balloon drop.” I looked overhead and sure enough there are about 100 balloons overhead. “What’s in the balloons?”, I asked. Nobody seemed to know, so I said to myself well I’ll wait and see. But then it turned out that it was going to be half an hour before the balloons dropped and I couldn’t wait that long. I never found out what was in the balloons.


Waiting a while for a poker player... Not that night.

Waiting a while for a poker player… Not that night.


I checked the Texas hold ‘em table
and nobody showed up so we hit the sack.







Tony, ready as ever

Our Director, ready as ever


“I can sing!” she said. And indeed she could. She joined us for our shipboard concerts.

Elena and Bryce Newll, our Instrumentalists

Elena and Bryce Newall, our Instrumentalists

Getting organized for our first concert

Getting organized for our first concert


A stroll on the Promenade Deck, at about eleven o’clock. The sun is just beginning to set.

Bob and Lori Graf (Not shown: About seven more family members!)

Bob and Lori Graf (Not shown: About seven more family members!)

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