Sunday, June 26 – First Full Day on Board

After breakfast with Tony and Greta in the Provence Room, we went to make sure that the drums and keyboard, etc., would be ready on time, and we were assured that everything was in order. At breakfast we sat with a new couple, Jean and her 86-year-

Our new 1st Alto, Jean and her mother, Pat

Our new 1st Alto, Jean and her mother, Pat

old mother Pat. It turns out that Jean has been singing professionally since she was 16, has toured with a jazz band, sang in choirs, and volunteered that she could sight read quite well. Teresa immediately recruited her to the altos, and she worked out well, bringing our altos to a total of three.

At 9:30 AM we assembled for our shipboard rehearsal in the Wedding Chapel called “Hearts and Minds”.

Our Musicians

Our Musicians

The bass player and drummer with his drums arrived on schedule and we had a good rehearsal, at least I thought so, but what do I know?

There were some discrepancies in the graphic schedule I had produced, so I fixed them up and made a new sheet for the ship to print. Later on, the office would print 40 copies for us. However, it’s still not exactly right!

Getting ready to sing

Getting ready to sing

With 2200 passengers on board, it is important to keep them occupied. The Captain’s Log delivered this morning listed 31 activities in the morning 32 in the afternoon 18 evening attractions, for a total of 81 events in one day, which I found mind-boggling. All we wanted to do was relax!

After another humongous buffet lunch I headed for my massage, which was okay. Afterwards she tried to sell me about $80 worth of skincare products that would put oxygen in my muscles. That was not that okay!

Tonight we got dressed for a formal evening in the dining room. We sat at our same table and tonight we were joined by Bob and Barbara Eisele, as well as Kat and Sylvia.

Viking Longboat for dessert

Viking Longboat for dessert

Bob retired from a career in managing controlled burns to prevent major forest fires. His claim to fame is that during his whole career, he only burned 18 acres that were not supposed to be burned. His dad was a firefighter and he was a volunteer fireman.

Bob and Barbara Eisely joined us tonight

Bob and Barbara Eisely joined us tonight

For dessert several of us picked a chocolate item that looks like a Viking longboat. Kat couldn’t decide which of three desserts she wanted so the waiter brought all three. That was not a bad deal for the rest of us, it turned out.

After dinner Teresa and I had a wonderful time exploring the upper decks of the Coral Princess, and here is a photographic summary:

P1060671 P1060670 P1060667 P1060661 P1060659 P1060654 P1060649 P1060648 P1060647 P1060644 P1060641 P1060640 P1060638


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One Response to Sunday, June 26 – First Full Day on Board

  1. JGF says:

    I love the pictures of your deck exploring. Teresa looks so pretty!
    And when I took a cruise way back a while ago, the waiter would have brought us dessert for every course if we wanted it. We had a lot of freedom in our ordering. I wonder if that would work for you!

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