Friday, June 24 – Our last full day in Vancouver

At first, our plan was to pick up sightseeing where we left off and we planned to Hop-off at the stop that had the Planetarium, Maritime Museum, and History Museum. We quickly P1060589decided this was going to be a relaxing day, and the museums disappeared off our agenda. We had breakfast right in the hotel, and I had a huge serving of French toast. I then found that I had no Internet connection, and perhaps spent over an hour with Dell technical support. My computer kept saying, “Windows detected no networking hardware”, which is rather alarming because one the thing I would not be able to get solved so quickly is a hardware problem. The tech was eventually able to get me online, but he said there was a problem in the system, and I should keep him informed if there was any further difficulty. Not that comforting a request. Actually, I think I found a way to bypass the screen that gave me the bad news and connect to the Internet another way. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.
Then Tony and I had the task of setting up the revised slideshow that Jerry Kowalski had put together. I had brought the new files with me on a thumb drive, but the copy of Word on the chorus’ computer had not been activated, so while we were eventually able to view it, we could not save it where we wanted to. At one point I got so frustrated, I just had to take a nap, but I woke up really refreshed! We finally figured out a workaround, while Greta came up with some snacks to keep us energized and on the job. So far, Tony hasn’t found a non-singing volunteer to do the slideshow, which involves following a musical score, so for now he will be waving a projector controller instead of a baton, while he conducts.

The Pink Elephant

The Pink Elephant

It was then about time for dinner and Teresa had done P1060579some research which led us to the Pink Elephant Thai food restaurant. Everything was pretty delicious, and the staff was helpful. The only thing wrong was that they served Teresa the wrong rice, the wrong entrée, forgot the vegetables I had ordered added to my curry, and charged me for a bottle of wine when I only had a glass! The food was delicious though and we worked out the details.

On the way home we had frozen yogurt at Qoola, which reminded us of Menchies, a shop

Talking shop

Talking shop

in St. George, Utah in which we have a share, and are in the process of selling. Then on the way home we passed another shop called yogen früz, and Teresa wanted to compare notes, and she wound up talking frozen yogurt business with the owner. Earlier we had passed the same shop and I wondered aloud what language the name was, and Sten said it was probably a made up name, and we confirmed just now that that was true.
Back at the hotel, Teresa went swimming for a second evening, while I wrote something called a blog. Tomorrow, check out time is 11 AM and we’ll head from the hotel to the boat.

One thing more before we leave the hotel. It had three elevators and huge pictures, maybe three or four times life-size, on the back wall of each one: “Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.”





We were greeted by one of these each morning!


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One Response to Friday, June 24 – Our last full day in Vancouver

  1. yourverybest says:

    Thank you my friend for allowing us to vicariously enjoy your trip.Hello to Tony , Greta and Teresa!

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