Arrival in Vancouver

Well, we’re off to the airport for a couple of days in Vancouver before the official tour begins. Th Air Canada flight was OK except that the flight attendant had no cookies to offer us! I guess we are spoiled by Delta Airlines. On the other hand, the plane was really full

Standing by our car

Off to Vancouver

yet Teresa and I had three seats to ourselves, which made for a comfortable flight. I got a chance to try out my new lightweight laptop/tablet reading James Michener’s “Alaska”. It’s a big book and neither of us have gotten very far in it. After all, the novel begins billions of years ago like I think many other of his novels do. An animal named Mastodon is the first actual character in the novel. He was a gentle, likable fellow, mainly focused on avoiding saber tooth tigers.

Native canoe

Native canoe

The Vancouver airport is stunning. It’s full of exposed architectural structure which makes it interesting to me, but the most fun for both of us was stepping off the plane into a jungle scene complete with a running stream, native canoe, and jungle sounds.

We drove north to the city of Vancouver, and as we crossed False Creek, our taxi driver pointed out the almost-finished Trump Tower on the left. I wonder if there is any connection between the two names. The Blue Horizon Hotel is comfortable, with large rooms, but no room service. That turned out to be all right because after a short walk down Robson Street we found a


Steamroller: Burritos only

great place calls Steamrollers that serves nothing but steam cooked burritos. They were delicious, and mine had a garlic-yogurt sauce that made it even better. After that delicious meal we hit the sack.

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One Response to Arrival in Vancouver

  1. Barbara Eisele says:

    Thanks for the preview of the airport, John. Enjoy your stay in Vancouver!
    Barbara Eisele

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