What’s going on

It seems a little self-indulgent to write about my comings and goings. What could I be thinking, to think that anybody else would enjoy reading them (except maybe my wife and daughters). But here goes anyway.

Back in January I started the East County Physics Meetup group and it has been quite successful, with 8 to 10 members meeting each month, with two volunteers from the group selected to introduce two topics at each monthly meeting. The website for the group is www.meetup.com/EastCountyPhysicsMeetup. For such a small group we have a wide range of approaches to physics, from the more or less metaphysical, to what would be considered mainstream physics. Sometimes it’s a hard job to find a common ground for discussion but we manage!

My wife, Teresa, and I are in the San Diego Festival Chorus, and we have our Spring concert coming up next week on Sunday, May 3. We’ve been rehearsing every Monday, and our director Tony Mostardo says it’s going to be the best concert ever! Of course, he says that for every concert. And as usual, I think it’s going to be true. We’re doing a classical work by Rosinni in the first half, and a collection Negro spirituals arranged by John Rutter in the second half. Something for everyone. That website is www.SanDiegoFestivalChorus.org. You can check video clips of our performances.

The other news is that I am rehearsing my part in a play called “Mulatto” written around 1935 by Langston Hughes, a black activist. I have a small part, a racist undertaker who has come to pick up the body of a white man murdered by his mulatto son. It’s pretty intense. It’s being put on by a small theater group called Community Actors Theater. I’ve been in a couple of previous productions before. My big concern was my memory — could I remember a whole page of dialog at age 79? It has turned out, thankfully, not to be a problem (Since the pages are small!).

This afternoon we went to see our church’s Spring choir concert and as usual it was excellent. One of my favorite songs from my youth was “Dry Bones” and it was done very well with the best percussion I’ve ever heard. Thank you Ramon!

I have more in mind to write, but this is enough for one post. ‘ Till next time and I hope I get around to it soon!


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One Response to What’s going on

  1. Barbara Eisele says:

    Hi John, Yes, your church choir concert yesterday was wonderful! Such a great way to spend an afternoon! Please tell me how to get tickets to your play at CAT. Bob and I are pretty big on theater of all kinds, especially local community theater, and “Mulatto” looks interesting. We’d love to see it! Glad your physics group is going well. See you at Festival Chorus tonight. Barbara

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