On our way

After much anticipation, Teresa and I were on our way to the airport driven by my daughter Jessica. As instructed, we were there three hours early which gave us plenty of

Fully name tagged

Fully name tagged

time to have a delicious sandwich and salad at Capstone Brewing Company. Tom Karlo,  KPBS public broadcast station manager, and his wife Julie had arrived even earlier. He was busy downloading a movie onto his tablet when we found him.


Almost departure time

Finally it was boarding time and we noted that our boarding passes gave us the elite distinction of “World Traveler”. This qualified us to go through a separate door, next to the regular door, which allowed us to join the passengers going through that door at the same rate, at the same time. We never found out what that was all about.

Our meals, Chicken Tikka, was not all that bad, considering it was an airline meal. However if you’re going to try a South African wine, I would advise you to stay away from Cape Springs Pinotago. Not that great.

We were on our way.

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One Response to On our way

  1. JGF says:

    I would like to suggest a thing I call Airplane Sandwiches. Especially when you’re at risk of being served an airline version of one of the best inventions of the country you’re about to visit. Airplane Sandwiches are made at home and are generally accompanied by fruit, sugar snap peas, and maybe some malt balls. Half of said sandwich is usually consumed prior to and during take-off, so consider making two. Upon arriving in London, you then make your way to one of the numerous Indian restaurants in nameless alleys filled with the smell of baking naan and the promise of rugby-player-strong-ly spiced vindaloo and the aforementioned chicken tikka masala. Problem solved. I mean, not that you said it was a problem. : )

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