Our KPBS trip to England, Scotland, and Wales

Our San Diego public radio, TV, and digital media station, KPBS, has organized an August trip to England, Scotland, and Wales and most specifically to Highclere Castle, which is where the interiors for the Downton Abbey TV series are filmed. It’s the second KPBS tour Teresa and I have been on and we’re looking forward to it.

Tonight was the first night we 48 participants got to meet each other and hear about tour details from a Collette (the tour operator) representative. To my disappointment it was not really a reception for us to meet each other, but a classroom-style meeting to receive some specific information, which we did, and get our questions answered, and get our travel documents.

Jennifer Majors and Trina Hester from KPBS were with us tonight. Trina is going to be on the tour, as well as Tom Karlo, GM of the station, and his wife Julie. They are fun people. They are going to arrange a tour of the BBC studios, an extra, not on the Collette tour. Sounds interesting.

Teresa has read, and I am reading, a book about the real residents of Highclere Castle, written by the current Countess of Carnavon, who is living there now. She tells the story of the last two generations of Carnavons and it’s pretty interesting. I don’t think she is holding anything back.

The next time you hear from me will probably be from London, and you’ll see some pictures.

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