Monday, June 4, 2012 – NYC and MoMA

Well, World Science Festival 2012 is over, but not our week in New York.  A month ago, the minute reservations were possible, Jennifer made a reservation for us at a special restaurant, the ABC Kitchen with Jean-George Vongerichten as chef.  So we had that to look forward to this evening.

Anya Salih and Lynette Wallworth: “Reefs”

We had a delicious breakfast at the W, and once again we met Lynette Wallworth who filmed ocean life near reefs, and her co-presenter, Anya Salih. Their presentation had been on Thursday, the 31st.

We decided on the Museum of Modern Art as our activity for the day.  On the way up we got into a conversation with the cab driver, as we often do, this time about the life of drivers of yellow cabs vs. drivers of black cars.  Yellow cabs are highly controlled by the city and use meters. To operate a yellow cab you need a medallion which looks like a shield, and costs one million dollars these days [I checked it on Wikipedia.].  If you can’t find a yellow cab, you can resort to black cars.  They don’t have meters and they will quote you a price which is significantly higher than what the meter fare would be.  Although I figured I knew the answer I asked which is better.  He told us that a black car

Getting ready for a Clinton/Obama fundraiser

driver works shifts up to 20 hours and sleeps in his car. He said a black car and the driver may look better in his suit and tie, but he lives better, with only 12-hour shifts.

We had heard that Clinton and Obama were going to do a big fundraiser that evening, and sure enough, there the cops were, out in force to prepare for it.

The line was long at the MoMA, but it moved very quickly.  It was a user friendly experience, with a free audio tour (which we didn’t really use), and much to my surprise, picture taking (no flash) was allowed. [As with all the pictures, click on them to enlarge.]

We agreed on this one. Didn’t like it.

Van Gogh – “Starry Night”

Van Gogh – “Sunflowers” Hanging over our kitchen table. Bought in Amsterdam, painted by a Dutch art student.

Picasso – “Ma Jolie”
Boccioni – “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space”

Matisse – “The Dancers”

Jackson Pollock – “One: Number 31”

We saw many other items including well-designed appliances, laarge electronic tubes, a helicopter, plywood furnture (inspired by Charles Eames), and sculpture.

As it turned out, which is how Jennifer arranged it, the ABC Kitchen, a top New York restaurant, specializing in local organic food, was just around the corner from our hotel. It also turned out that Jamie Sweeney, the husband of my other daughter, Jessica, was in town on business, so we had a wonderful meal together. The food was excellent.

Jamie and Jessica live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Teresa and I are going on a tour this Fall that finishes in Amsterdam, so we will have some time together there. And there might be another travel blog. Who knows?

It was a lovely, full day.

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