Sunday, June 3, 2011 – The Ultimate Science Street Fair

Today was the last day of the World Science Festival 2012.  As usual it consisted of a street  science fair with many outdoor booths.  But it was also Sunday, and we wanted to go to a Unity church service.  The one we went to was on 58th street.  I was expecting a large NYC church but it turned out to be a converted brownstone home.  As such it was quite

Unity in NYC

narrow, but it worked out quite will.  The combined bookstore and social area was on the floor below. The guest soloist was Jeannette Byardell and she did a wonderful job.  The order of service was more similar to our own than I had expected and the minister’s message was fine.

We then then headed to the Street Fair.  It was Sunday, and the street performers were going strong.

As we arrived at the Fair, the rains came briefly and we took refuge in the Kimmel Center where many of the events of the week had been held.

Waiting out a rain shower

Last year there we booths for kids and for adults, but this year it seemed much for kids, which after all, was is the purpose of the Fair.  There were still fun things to do.  Innovation Square held the day before had more stuff for adults.

There was a maze which you had to traverse but you could only go straight or make a right turn. It looked totally easy until I tried it. After several attempts I figured it out.

Maze solved!

All in all, the Festival was a great event at many levels.  Teresa has already said she would like to come back next year, which is great news.

A remote controlled flying swimming penguin

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