May 29, 2012 – The World Science Festival Gala

Today was a day of relaxing, unpacking, laundry, shopping, and… The World Science Festival Gala.  Even the hotel staff recommended we not use the hotel service because of the cost.  They sent us to a coin laundry a couple of blocks away, but just one block away we found a Chinese laundry that provides folding service, which was just what we needed.   It’ll be ready tomorrow afternoon.

Too many handbags!

We headed for Teresa’s traditional visit to Macy’s “The Largest Store in the World”.  It even has a McDonalds on the 7th floor where we shopped.  Teresa got some necessities and a great handbag for the event tonight.  Our cab driver back to the W was from Bangaladesh, and lives in Kew Gardens a couple of blocks from where I grew up.

Jennifer had arranged a transportation for us to the Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center and sure enough there was a black car with a WSF sign in the window saying FISTERE.  We felt very well taken care of.  Once inside, the environment was wonderfully festive and convivial.  Anybody we walked up to was ready to have a conversation, and we met a number of interesting people that way.  Overhead there was a sea creature looking like a cross between a whale and a porpoise freely flying above. I intend to find out more about how it works.

We met Marian more than once at WSF events.

The Gala was a wonderful event.  The hors douvres were excellent, and people very convivial.  We found it easy to have a conversation with just about anyone we chose. The view over Columbus Circle was memorable.

We then headed into the performance venue which had a huge glass wall behind the performers.  The show was marvelous, and even amazing.  James Naughton did a piece called “Stress” which was hilarious, and sold the value of stress, and caffeine, in producing productivity.  It was fast, funny, and basically, amazing.  Another highlight were two Momix dancer in silver morphsuits and skis who did amazing things on ski flats, heels and tips.  It was a step back in time for me when David Hibbard did an excellent rendition of Tom Leher’s “Plagiarize” featuring the advice of Nicolai Evanovich Lobachevsky.  That wasn’t the only Tom Lehrer number, either.  Deborah Monk did “When I’m Old and Grey” and she did it very well.  Even Tracy Day, in her welcome to the audience, made a Tom Lehrer reference.  Brings back memories.  There was a wonderful solo, Bach’s “Chacone for Solo Violin” performed by Joshua Bell.  The other numbers were excellent, too.

Science was on the program as well, the first Gala to do so.  Brian Green demonstrated the “double slit experiment” which vividly demonstrates the dual wave-particle nature of light.  At the end of the program, Boaz Almog demonstrated Quantum Levitation which is a very interesting phenomenon.

Jennifer taking her turn at Quantum Levitation

After the show he set it up so we could play with it ourselves and push the disk around thetrack.  None of the movies I took were any good.  😦

!And the food was not over!  They served heavier hors d’oeuvres and great dessert treats.  All in all, it was a wonderful evening.

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  1. Forest says:

    Jennifer looks lovely.

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