May 28, 2012 – Arriving at the Big Apple

Scenic drive heading south to the city

This morning we were up early in Pittsburgh for the last leg of our journey to see Jennifer and participate in the World Science Festival.  To my surprise, Miss Nuvi did not send us on a long single route number route, but sent us on a series of five to seven highways on our way to New York.  I was even more surprised when we would up way north of the city and sent us through towns like Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown.  Although it seemed to add about  half an hour to our trip, it was a wonderful scenic drive south along the Hudson River and its wooded banks.  Perhaps we should have checked the map for a better route, but we enjoyed the drive.

We were welcomed at the W with great service by the valet parking attendant.  We completely emptied the car for Jennifer.  That was a lot of stuff, and now it’a pile on our floor for us to go through.  We found the room really  spacious, which according to Jennifer, is very unusual in the City.

We met Jennifer and her associate, Laela, at the Birriera on the roof of the Eataly at 200 5th Avenue, a few blocks from the W.  It was a lovely place with an open air ceiling.  It was much cooler than we expected, a big relief.  My fish was good, and so were the other entrees.

After that we headed back to the W.  It was great knowing we would not have to pack and head to someplace else the next morning!

What surprised me about our 11-day drive was how easily we handled it.  Early on, in the West, we found ourselves surrounded by huge trucks much of the time, all heading east, and I thought of what that represented in terms of the goods being provided to the rest of the country.  I felt I was part of a great caravan of merchandise.  Of course it was also true that most of the stuff on the road had been made in China.

We turned out the light for a good night’s rest.

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