Friday, May 25, 2012 – St. Louis, Missouri

After French toast for breakfast and a morning swim, we headed for Macy’s for a little enroute shopping.  The parking lot wall had some interesting trompe l’oeil murals.

A plain brick wall

As I recall, not only are the carvings depicted in paint, so are the windoes.  But I’m not sure. Shopping was successful for both of us, and I wore my new khaki shorts out of the store.  We headed for The Arch next.  It is very impressive, and as I said before, larger than I had remembered.  I don’t think San Diego’s proposed Wings project will measure up.   Tickets for the ride to the top of the arch had long been sold out.  We could have ordered them over the Internet earlier, but there would have been for us to know for what time we should have reserved.  As it was, we got there at 3:30, much later than our reservation would have been.  However we did get our first good look at the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River from the top of the levee

Texas Longhorn


Beneath the Arch is a museum devoted to the opening of the West including especially Lewis & Clark expeditions, and the story  of the Indians and the massacre at Wounded Knee.

It was time to head for our next destination, so we entered the Indianapolis Marriott address into Miss Nuvi, and off we went.  We immediately felt hungry, and got off at the Collinsville exit for a bite.  A guy in a parking lot, who seemed a little spacey anyway, said there was a Greek restaurant three lights down and to the right.  We went three lights down, turned right, but nobody had heard of any Greek restaurant anywhere around.  Another Greek myth.  We did find a Subway Sandwich place which was just fine.

Indianapolis Marriott Rate Card

On our arrival we learned that the Marriott had no record of our reservation, which gave me cause for concern, since it was Race Weekend and they were booked solid.  It turned out we were at the Marriott Courtyard next door. So they rolled our luggage cart over there and all is well.  As a matter of fact, there are three Marriotts next door to each other, and the staff is used to dealing with the confusion.  The rate card for our room was interesting. [To read it, click on it.]

Tomorrow is Legends Day and we have tickets to go to the pit and garage area so that should be interesting.  Also there is a parade through town and . . . I Love a Parade.  Also, at the track there will be a parade of past Indianapolis 500 race cars.

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