Tuesday, May 22, 2012 – Unity Village, Missouri

Today was an all-day visit to the campus of the spiritual headquarters of Unity.  Teresa

Approaching Unity Village and the Bell Tower

and I are members of Unity San Diego (the new name of our church) and so we were particularly delighted to be here.  Because our pastor, Rev. Blair Tabor had contacted her earlier, we were welcomed by Lynne Brown, Directory of Silent Unity, and also responsible for Development.  She gave us a wonderful tour of the campus, including the Fillmore Chapel, Peace Chapel, the Archives, the Prayer Center, the Bridge of Faith, and the Rose Garden.

We were welcomed by Lynne Brown, Director of Silent Unity

We went to the 20-minute Prayer Service which today was being led by Rev. Tom Thorpe.  It turns out that he and Rev. Blair go way back to the days when Blair was a minister in Merced and Tom had a church in a nearby community,  Tom said to give his best regards to Blair and Meredith, his wife.

We then looked in on the Silent Unity Prayer Center which, as at our Church, is in a confidential area.  It is staffed 24 hours a day, and takes thousands of calls from all over the world.  Up to 25 people can be on duty to handle the calls. There is also a Silent Prayer Vigil where a single person, in half-hour shifts, prays for all the prayer requests received in the last 30 days.

We peeked in on a class for prayer ministers, and because they were on a break, we were invited in. They loved the idea that we were driving cross country, and when they found out it was my birthday today, Joy Cherry and Carrie Kenyon sang me a birthday song.

We then were treated to lunch by Lynn, and when she told the cashier it was my birthday, he comped her for my lunch.  It was a delicious buffet with salad fixings and a very good roast beef on toast entree.

We also met Laura Harvey, the Editory of The Daily Word, which is sent all over the world.

In the book store we met Rachel Simpson who is a 32 year old Unity ministry student

Minstry student Rachel Simpson in the book store

whose goal is to be an Associate Pastor because she want to serve the “not Sunday morning people”.  That is, she is really interested in outreach and service.

After lunch we headed back to our room for a wonderful nap.

Later on we headed out to explore the campus some more and then the surroounding area.  We ended up in Lee’s Summit, a nearby town, which, according to the desk clerk, is supposed to have one of the best preserved historic town centers.  It didn’t seem so special to us, but we did find Ciao Bella, a really good Italian restaurant, which was perfect for celebrating my birthday.

Back to the Unity Village Inn.  Next stop, Branson, Missouri.

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