Notes from Teresa – Unity Village

Unity Village was not what I’d expected – a little pastoral village with buildings dotting the Missouri countryside.  No, instead it is more like a lovely campus with Italian renaissance buildings reminding me of University of San Diego and its campus of Spanish (?) renaissance buildings. 

The people here were so nice to us We felt like honored guests. Included in our tour was a stop at the chapel where Tom Thorpe was beginning a meditation, very quiet and very spiritual.  Afterward we met him, a jovial man who had known Blair well in the days when they were both in the Central California Unity area.

Lynn Brown, our tour guide is head of Silent Unity a major Unity organization which includes the Prayer Ministry, The Daily Word publication, and other significant activities. She follows in the footsteps of James Dillet Freeman, a famed Unity writer and leader.  We saw a photo of him, a smiling older man with white hair to his shoulders.   That really endeared him to me; I’ll read his work now with new eyes. 

I asked Lynn about how Unity was doing generally.  We’re shrinking some, less money, less members.  But Unity is taking care of itself by new outreach programs including a Unity version of proselytizing.  I’m ready to be a “missionary”!

It was a lovely day to have a birthday here (John’s 77th!).  I count myself as very blessed and lucky to have him for my life’s partner!

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