Saturday, May 19 – Grand Canyon, Part 2

Breakfast at the Grand Hotel was  was better this morning, and after our morning swim we headed for the park, and Hermit Road bus experience. Because we were concerned about time, we had planned to get off the bus in just one place, The Abyss, but soon changed our mind and got off at Maricopa Point.  In this area are some of the oldest rocks on Earth, 4.5 million years old, with medallions on the ground to prove it.  We soon stopped caring about what time we would arrive in Santa Fe and so we got off at another spot, Mohave Point, where we listened in on a guide pointing out the Trumbull Mountains in the distance.  He said that on a clear moonless night you can see a glow over the mountains.  It’s the lights of Las Vegas.  In both places the views were spectacular, with slabs of rock that seemed to rise from the canyon.  Our final get off the bus point was The Abyss, and it lived up to its billing.

On one of the legs of our bus ride we met Thomas and his two companions from Poland.

Thomas and friends from Poland

We asked how he felt their county was doing, and he said pretty well, developing strongly, and just getting used to democracy.  Teresa asked if the country had good leadership, and he said that Prime Minister Tusk was “the best we can get right now”.  He hopes Poland will eventually join the Euro nations, but he, laughed and said that now is not the time.  He mentioned the fact that these days we characterize nations as being in Western or Eastern Europe, but he felt that in the future it will be Northern or Southern Europe, with the North being the more economically advanced.

Living on the edge

One of the most surprising things to me is that there is so much of the canyon rim has no railings inlocations where it goes straight down for hundreds of feet.  Also, it was strange to watch people walk up to the very edge with no apparent concern at all.  We saw one girl on crutches stumble near the edge and get pulled back by her friend.

Having finished our wonderful visit to the Grand Canyon, we were feeling hungry, and so we stopped at the Masrik Lodge Food Court for a late lunch.  It was a beautiful lodge with high ceilings.  However, inside it was cold and windy.  It seemed like they were running the A/C to simulate winter on the Canyon rim.

We were glad we took the time to do the Hermit Road drive, but it gave us a really late start on our 7 1/2 drive to Santa Fe, one of our two longest.  We broke out the CD we bought and departed the park listening to Ferde Grofé’s “Grand Canyon Suite”.  Then we played an album of Carole King’s best songs, and then “Music to Grow Up By” which was a CD of our favorite songs from long ago put together by my daughters Jennifer and Jessica as a birthday gift on “Day 4” of a “Birthday Week” they organized also  many years ago.

We arrived in Santa Fe at about 2 AM.

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2 Responses to Saturday, May 19 – Grand Canyon, Part 2

  1. Rossana says:

    Very interesting! However, it is 4.5 billion years old instead of 4.5 million years old…

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