Thursday, May 17 – London Bridge

Our hotel had advertised “hot continental breakfast”, and so this morning we were wondering if that meant warm Danish pastries or what. It turns out that their continental breakfast includes scrambled eggs, sausage and oatmeal, so that was a nice surprise.  It is our plan to keep fit by swimming every morning if there is a pool, and this pool was a good start.  The air temperature was starting to climb, and by midday it reached 112 F.

London Bridge

If you are not a heavy duty outdoors person, about the only other attraction at Lake Havasu is London Bridge. Bought in 1968 by an entrepreneur and founder of Lake Havasu City, it was disassembled and reassembled here across an arm of the lake. As I wrote in the guest book, it looks just like the one I saw in London!   At the Bridge shop we learned that the main Arizona fire had burned 19,000 acres so far and taken three homes.

It looks like they have a pretty active Rotary club here.  They produce London Bridge commemorative medals and sell them, with the proceeds going to charity.  They also maintain a market in used medals.  The early

London Bridge Rotary Medal Shop

medals have increased in value to around $250.  Although it was closed today, they have a medal shop.  There is also a Rotary Park in Lake Havasu City.

Having seen the bridge, it was time to put ourselves in the hands of Miss Nuvi once again. This time the Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon was listed only with a highway number for an address, and she didn’t know how to handle that. She offered up some possible numbers, I picked one at random, and we went with that. I mean, how long can a highway be? Oh… hmm.

Also, we have learned that a national highway map simply does not show enough of the medium-sized highways to useful for actual navigation. We don’t want to start a collection of regional maps, though, so we’ll just trust our GPS.

On the way north we took a break at Six-shooter Molly’s Trading Center in Ashfork, AZ, population 150, and were surprised to find some wonderful western stuff. I just then realized I needed a new western hat, and got a great one. Teresa got a beautiful ceramic eagle with embedded horsehair which gave it an interesting look. Teresa said we were buying things here so we wouldn’t be tempted by the junk to be found at the Grand Canyon shops. Of course.

You know you are in Old West territory when you see a sign along the road that says, “CAUTION BURRO CROSSING”.

Grand Canyon at Dusk

Grand Canyon at Dusk

Instead of checking in we went straight to the Canyon itself and had a good meal in the Arizona Room of Bright Angel Lodge at a table overlooking the Canyon.  It had a Southwestern menu; Teresa had good enchiladas, and I had a delicious prime rib.

Miss Nuvi once again did not cover herself with glory getting out of the park.  She led us this way and that, and when the asphalt ended, we gave up on her.  It was then we found ourself in a maze of little roads with cabins here and there and no signs to tell us which way was the park exit.  We saw some people, and even they didn’t know which way was out.  We did make it and we are comfortably situated for the evening.

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