Wednesday, May 16, 2012 – Day One, off to Lake Havasu

Well, we missed by a long way the 9:00 AM start time we had planned. At least we got off the day we planned to!  Here’s the obligatory start photo for a cross-country trip, just for the record.

After figuring our our route and driving times, making reservation, buying tickets, and making reservation over the past few weeks, it felt good to finally be on the road. Navigation along the way was going to be so easy. Just type the hotel address into Miss Nuvi, our Garmin GPS model, and follow the instructions. The only problem was that Miss Nuvi knew nothing about the address of our very first destination in Lake Havasu City. I had to make a retro phone call and get retro directions to the place. We were able to enter a street name which got us into the vicity. She took us East through El Centro and then North past Blythe and on to our Quality Inn.

Along the way, in the afternoon, it really got dark and hazy, with the smell of smoke, and we wondered if there would be a problem ahead. Someone told us the fires were in Mexico, so we pressed on, but we found out next morning there were multiple fires in Arizona, still uncontained.

The temperature climbed as we travelled, and I am sure it was over 100 F during the day. As evening approached we found ourselves on Route 111, with no sign of civilization except the road itself. All of a sudden we come across a Border Patrol Station right out in the middle of nowhere. There was no doubt he was profiling us, regardless of official policy. Teresa asked the agent if there was a bathroom she could use. He hesitated. Clearly, the answer should have been no, but he relented. We felt lucky to have asked the right guy.

We got huge room at the Quality Inn, really luxurious. That evening we finally got the temperature right, and had a good night’s sleep.

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