The Two-party System

Over a good portion of U.S. history two major parties have dominated the election process and the governance of our country.  We need to save the two-party system to avoid being governed by coalitions of extremists or special interests, as occurs in so many other countries.  By having only two major parties neither one can stray too far from the center for very long, although it seems that way right now.

The two-party system in not specified anywhere in our governing documents but seems to result from our electoral college system, or perhaps the importance of winning state by state.  From time to time the idea of nationwide primaries and a nationwide election comes up (www,  This is a really bad idea.  Nationwide popularity contests would dilute or destroy the vitality of local party organizations, and create changes that we cannot anticipate, but most likely the destruction of the two-party system.

Also, each party should be in control of its own choices and destiny at both local and national levels.  For this reason I am opposed to open primaries.  Let each party select its own candidates without interference.

To clarify a point, I am not opposed to third or fourth parties, and am in favor of them trying to become one of the top two.  But the top two, in order to stay in power, have to remain more or less moderate, and that is a tremendous  force for stability.

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