Libya – Sanctions, to what purpose?

The LA Times reported today:

“Voting unanimously after daylong discussions interrupted with breaks to consult with capitals back home, the [UN Security] Council imposed an asset freeze on Kadafi, his four sons and one daughter, and a travel ban on the whole family along with 10 other close associates.

Council members also agreed 15-0 to refer the Kadafi regime’s deadly crackdown on people protesting his rule to a permanent war crimes tribunal for an investigation of possible crimes against humanity.”

While there is no doubt the asset freeze is appropriate and needed, what is the purpose of establishing a travel ban on Khadafi? That’s what we want him to do, travel out of Libya. Also, why are we promising him that his crimes will be investigated? In his state of mind he may think he will not be prosecuted, and leaving him with that illusion may possibly expedite a decision to quit.

If there are personal favorite items he likes, or feels he needs, they should be embargoed.

It seems like the UN vote was an expression of frustration rather than a strategic move to bring him down.

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