28 May 2010 – Traveling Home

[To read about the trip conveniently, go to Top Posts and pick the 8 May 2010 entry.  You can select the next post at the bottom of the current post.  More pictures are coming.  JF]

We rose at 6:00 AM and made it to the airport with little difficulty.  On previous overseas trips, I would usually wind up with more foreign currency than I wanted. I finally realized that could get rid of it by using it to pay part of my hotel bill.

The only real problem was at the Barcelona airport, navigating the process to get VAT refunds. I got part of it in dollars, and the rest will come by mail sometime in the future.

The flight to Atlanta was fine, but we are now sitting at Gate 29 waiting for our San Diego flight which has been delayed from 4:55 to 10:30 PM due to bad weather. We finally got home just after midnight Saturday morning.

The bad new is that as I left the plane, I left my fanny pack and camera on the floor, and by the time someone went back to find it, it was gone.  So I lost my last day of pictures, including the Salvador Dali museum, and our favorite restaurant.  Other than one day of pictures, there was nothing irreplaceable, and I’m already over it.

It was a great trip.

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