Global Grant Seminar

Today we had a day-long session on Global Grants, and it proved to be very interesting.  Many Rotary districts are part of a Future Vision Pilot Project to make Rotary more efficient, and significant at the global level, and provide clubs with more flexibility at the local level.  The objectives, procedures, and rules have changed significantly, and a major part  of the meeting was to introduce the new system.  Before we got into the new system, David Ballesteros and Larry Sundram, our District Governor Nominee, spoke about past projects, and how our Clubs and Districts might work together in the future.

When the speakers got around to the details of the Future Vision Global Grant system, there were lots of questions and discussion, which was very beneficial for me because I’ll be speaking on the same subject at our own our Grants Management Seminar on March 20.  Thanks to Bill Stumbaugh I was able to keep up with what was going on, since I don’t speak Spanish.

Global Grants

The District 4400 Global Grants Seminar

I’m on the left.

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