This morning we flew to Cuenca in the southern part of Ecuador.  It is a World Heritage city and a center of art and education.  Before we left we had breakfast with Juan Prinz, and we discussed various aspects of the Global Grant program under Rotary’s Future Vision Pilot Program.  It is definitely a pilot program and there are many issues to be worked out as we go along, even though Rotary International has put a lot of thought into the procedure, rules, and guidelines.

In Cuenca, we were met by Rotarian Manuel Moscoso C. who, in addition to being an active Rotarian, owns the Cuatro Rios Restaurante, where we had an excellent lunch, and discussed a wide range of past, present, and possible Rotary projects.  A key issue for future projects is how to make the best selections among the many choices.  The new Future Vision guidelines make it clear how important it is to have an enthusiastic, committed beneficiary of the project.  At the Cuatro Rios (Cuenca has four river flowing through the city), we also met Claudio Patino, who wife has more or less singlehandedly created an educational program for hundreds of otherwise deprived children.  They feel it could be a successful Rotary project.

After lunch I struck out on my own walking at taking photographs.  It’s a long town, and I walked all the way to one end, back  along one of the four rivers running through the town, halfway to the other end, and back to the hotel, just in time to get dressed for dinner at the Rotary Club of Cuenca Tomabamba.  There were about 20 members present.  By far the most interesting discussion was about what their first Future Vision Global Grant should be.  The questions related to whether it should be for one school, or multiple schools, and whether the school(s) should be large or small.   Bill Stumbaugh  had visited the school that same afternoon, and both he and Bill Stumbaugh were heavily involved in the discussion.   Larry Sundram mentioned that other factors being close to equal, the one with most impact should  be selected.  In a private discussion I provides some information about the Global Grant process, and referred them to the sample proposal, I believe which  they had not seen.  I will leave it up to the Club to make its decision known.  We also made the traditional exchange of Club banners.

A square in Cuenca

One of the breautiful squares in Cuenca

Rio Tomebamba

Along the Rio Tomebamba


Exchanging Club Banners

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