A Trip to Ecuador for Rotary

Tomorrow morning, I am off to Ecuador with three other Rotarians to participate in the “Future Vision Program Encounter” being held by District 4400 in Quito on Friday, February 5, 2010. I’ll be back home on the 8th. The trip is being organized by David Ballesteros, La Mesa Sunrise Rotary, who will be speaking at the conference, as will Larry Sundram, Rotary Club of Vista.  He will be our District Governor in 2011-2012. It looks like he’s doing some serious advance preparation. All four of us, including Bill Stumbaugh, Chief Assistant Governor of our District, 5340, and a member of Santee-Lakeside Rotary, will be on a panel session dealing with the new Future Visions Pilot Program of Rotary. I was invited because I will be our District’s Global Grants Chair for the next three years.  An important conference theme is the collaboration on Global Grants in the future.

It’s my first trip for Rotary, and only my second to South America, and I am eagerly anticipating it. We’ll also be spending a couple of days in Cuenca where our club, La Mesa Rotary, provided a “mechanical cow” which provides low-cost protein-rich soy milk to children who might otherwise be undernourished. It will be great to see it in action.

Having been a sporadic blogger in the past, I hope to provide frequent updates and pictures on this trip. Stay tuned. You can subscribe to the blog if you wish by going to the bottom of the right hand column, but I am not sure what that actually accomplishes.

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