Leonard Cohen – World Tour ’08

Last Tuesday, Teresa and I went to see Leonard Cohen at Copley Symphony Hall. I expected a good performance, but he gave a magical performance, over three hours long that captivated me and the rest of the audience. He is 74, and doing about 20 shows a month, and he makes you feel like this was a special show, just for you.

If his is coming to your town, it’s a “Don’t Miss” opportunity.

Here are some samples, but get to the show if you can, or buy the DVD of the show. Make sure you get the DVD rather than the CD.

Here are some Tour videos:
“Closing Time”

Another good way to hear him is sign up on Pandora.com and create a Leonard Cohen station for yourself.

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2 Responses to Leonard Cohen – World Tour ’08

  1. mauveen says:

    I love Cohen and would love to see him. DO you know if he is coming to South Africa.

    • jfistere says:

      Alas, it seems not. On the Leonard Cohen website, the last four concerts shown are in Berlin, Antwerp, Paris, and Liverpool. They are the only concerts in July. I don’t know if there are any dates beyond that.

      Get the DVD, you will get a sense of the concert, and you can hear every word. My wife and I had decided not to buy any of the “junk” on the table as we were leaving. On last-minute impulse, I grabbed a DVD (I paid for it) and it was the best move I made. It was so good we invited friends over to watch it.

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