Origins Symposium – Sunday

I’m in Phoenix now and headed for the Symposium in Tempe tomorrow. I caught only a little over half an hour of today’s speakers, but luckily it included Stephen Pinker, second only to Stephen Hawking as a favorite of mine, maybe equal. He said that the “Nature vs Nurture” debate was over and cited many examples that showed that the more genes people had in common, the more similar were their behaviors, statistically speaking. The data shows up in identical twins raised separately, vs. fraternal twins raised together, and a variety of other familial/genetic combinations and environments.

I received an email today informing us that Stephen Hawking was recovering from a lung infection and could not travel to Tempe. He will be present tomorrow via pre-recorded audio and slides, and represented by his daughter, Lucy, who has co-authored a children’s book with him.

It will be interesting to hear the difference between hearing scientists speak to other scientists and students, as they have been for the past three days, and hearing some of the same people speak to the public as they will tomorrow.

NOTE: The website for tomorrow’s webcast will be different than the one for the past three days. The new website is:  It starts at 9:00 am San Diego time, which currently is the same as Tempe time.  Got that?  Tempe time?

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