Origins Symposium, Friday

This evening I listened to a live webcast of experimental physicists discuss their current experiments, the ones under construction, and the ones hoped for. They are planning gigantic  telescopes probing many different sources of radiation in the universe, in some cases hopefully going back to only hundreds of thousands of years after the big bang.  At the other extreme, particle accelerators are being planned to probe ever deeper into the structure of matter.  It was exciting to hear these scientists speak of their own work and hopes.

Barry Barish of CalTech mentioned that because the new experiments cost so much, selection decisions are becoming increasingly political, and the scientists need to find a way to get control of future experimental decisions and choices of projects.

Saturday’s sessions:

8:30 am – 11:35 am
Origins of Structure, Galaxies, Earth, Life

1 – 4 pm
Origin of Species, Evolution, Human Origins

Just click on

You will hear the leaders in science speak for themselves.  I’m going to miss most of it because I’m going on an Easter egg roll.

But there are the archives.

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