The Origin of Everything –

Last night I found out about the “Origins Symposium” being held at Arizona State University in Tempe, April 3-6, 2009: In particular, I found out about three public sessions being held there all day Monday, April 6th.

As the Symposium home page states, the participants will discuss questions such as:

  • How did the Universe Begin?
  • How did life arise?
  • How does life evolve?
  • What is the Origin of Human Uniqueness?
  • What is the origin of disease?
  • How does consciousness arise?
  • How do human institutions arise and develop?
  • What will be the technologies of the future?

They may not answer all of these questions on Monday, but it will be interesting.

The participants are icons of modern research. Here a few of my favorites:
Stephen Pinker, evolutionary psychologist, “The Language Instinct”
Brian Greene, string theory, “The Elegant Universe”
Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, “The Selfish Gene”
Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist, “A Brief History of Time”
plus 14 other leaders of modern scientific thinking and research. It’s an amazing list of people.

It was easy enough to get tickets for the morning and afternoon sessions, but the main evening event with Stephen Hawking was sold out.   However, after about 30 tries on TicketMaster, up popped a ticket, and that was that.  At this moment I have reservations to Phoenix and Symposium tickets in my hand (well not while I’m actually typing). When I return, I will post my impressions here.

The reason I am posting now is that if you have an interest in this sort of stuff, I believe you can still get to watch it. It is supposed to be streamed live on the Internet and archived, but I have not yet found the links to access it. I suggest you check the home page link above as the time approaches on April 3.   Update: It looks like this is the link:

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