The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Having read all or most every one of Alexander McCall Smith’s books in the series, and having developed my own images of Botswana and the characters, I was concerned about the HBO TV series. So many times the movie destroys the subtleties of the book, or goes off in another direction altogether, and I was afraid it would happen again. Not so in this case. Their Botswana and the town of Gaborone is the same as mine, and the leads, Precious Ramotswe and J.L.B Matekoni are pretty close. Her secretary, Grace Makutsi, is quite a bit more hyper than my image of her, but I’ll get used to that, and I expect she’ll mellow a bit, too. The story is surprisingly faithful to the first book, and that is a good thing.

Anyway, the two-hour pilot is top notch, and if you missed it, I suggest you find a rerun this week. Whether or not you catch the series, be sure to check out very special 10-minute piece of magic, which is behind the scenes filming at the Mokolodi Nature Reservation.  It’s a must see.  The series itself is going to be our new Appointment Television.

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