It’s Over

Say what you will…  there’s still two debates to go… anything can happen…race is an unknown factor…

It’s over.  I keep track of the electoral count by checking into, and clicking on “Electoral coll. graph”.  If you take every state leaning towards Obama/Biden, he now has 349 electoral votes with 270 needed to win.   What’s more important is that if you eliminate the states that “barely” favor the Democratic ticket, he has, for first time, achieved 270 electoral votes.  In fact, his count jumped to about 305 votes from about 265.

It’s a significant lead and graphically looks like a convincing trend.

The only hope for McCain/Palin is a game changing revelation.  Palin is probably checking Revelations right now for a miracle.  They have more or less admitted they are going start playing rough, turn over the apple cart, and see what happens.  It will probably backfire and alienate even more voters.

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