McCain’s Campaign

To my eye the McCain campaign is showing more and more weakness.  The tone has been sent by the apparent incompetence of our current President.  The latest news that caught my eye was that Bolivia has expelled our ambassador, and Bolivian President Evo Morales has said that he wants to strengthen ties to Russia.  It seems to me that this is the result of neglect by G.W.

We have lots of evidence that both Bush and McCain are taking half thought-out actions.  Although it may work out, surprisingly, Palin’s selection was clearly an example of lack of proper vetting.  Now McCain has suspended his campaign, and has asked to postpone the debate.  Another not well thought-out tactic.

Obama’s response was right on, saying that a President needs to be able deal with multiple problem.

Finally, the way the bail-out proposal was handled shows lack of analysis, or tunnel vision.  It was pretty neglectful, or poor strategy to omit any mention of Congressional oversight.

All of this is dragging down McCain’s campaign and the latest electoral vote shows it.

My favorite source for an electoral vote count is the following graph:

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